2018/08/09: Fiiiirst, Edition 3 / #25

A visual conversation between myself and Alyssa Fujita Karoui has just been published on Fiiiirst, an online gallery that features anonymously conducted dialogue between artists.


2018/07/14: Summer Sun Day Dream

I'll have a photograph on display at The Lab @ Silver Eye's first exhibition, "Summer Sun Day Dream" on July 15, 2018.


2018/07/09: Relocation and Updates

A few weeks from now I'll be relocating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Eugene, Oregon to begin working on a master's degree at the University of Oregon. Until I complete my first term or two, the content on this website will be fairly limited but the website itself won't be neglected; I'll be making some minor design changes in anticipation of forthcoming projects, and I've created this "Updates" page to post, as the title suggests, updates about my activity going forward.